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للبيع شاليه 102 م يطل علي البحر فى كمبوند زي جروف العين السخنة

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رقم الإعلان: SE 12410
943,500 جنيه مصرى
Sedra Homes

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Sedra Homes
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شاليهات / للبيع
نوع المصيف:
943,500 جنيه مصرى بالتقسيط
السعر/ للمتر المربع:
9,250 جنيه مصرى للمتر المربع
حالة التشطيب:
سوبر لوكس
102 م2
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Sea View
جنيه مصرى 943,500
جنيه مصرى 188,700
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قيمة القسط:
جنيه مصرى 26,957 / ربع سنوى
رسوم الصيانة:
10 % وديعة إتحاد الملاك
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Sun 22 Oct 2017

the groove
welcome to a seaside experience unlike any other
a one of a kind experience along the red sea. you’ve never experienced ain sokhna like this before. blending the natural topography with the urban setting to present an entirely different concept for resort living, the grove is an independent, self-contained beach village; it is everything life on the red sea should be.
master fully located
nestled along egypt’s beautiful red sea coast in the heart of ain sokhna, the groove covers 83.5 acres of land with 1 km of pristine beach. strategically located on a plateau encompassed by the majestic gabal el galala mountains, it is a short drive from the capital and at close proximity to all of the coast’s happening destinations; the location lends the entire project a full-frontal view of the sea ahead.

contemporary elegance
combining the serenity and idealism of the groove’s location with the modernity of summer home architecture creates the perfect blend for a relaxing time; earthy colors, large windows and natural wooden textures used on the exterior provide a sense of warmth and serenity. attending to homeowners need for privacy, efficiency and wellbeing, design layouts of the 450 units ensure spaciousness and practicality, while the terraces and balconies allow for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors from views of the refreshing scenery of water lagoons to the open landscaped parks.

inspiring indoor experiences
the groove townhomes and cozy apartments are planned down to the last detail as per world standards of luxury. featuring porches with manicured gardens, large rooftop terraces and balconies, they make the most of interior spaces and surrounding landscapes. they come in different layout options and design plans, but they all come together to bring forth an intimate beach community and a delightful vacation dwelling.

the view
nothing compares to waking up to an enchanting full-view of the crystalline blue waves ahead. the view offers its residents homes that give panoramic views and catch sea breezes. thanks to a unique three-leveled landscaping concept allows for panoramic views enjoyed by all 200 units in the view. as the sun starts to slowly sink into the horizon ahead, you can enjoy a panoramic view ahead from the vast 4200 meters of infinite pools. roof gardens complete the picturesque scenery, add to the exclusivity and adds further uninterrupted views and sheer privacy.


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